18 June 2007

Summer Feelings


As I walked along the old gravel road, tonight, I was
surprised at the light that was available, even though
the sky was overcast, with only a few stars peeking
through the clouds. I also noticed that there is a feeling
of summer in the atmosphere.

When I mention "a feeling of summer," I realize that
I'm being very subjective, and that I might be the only
person who noticed it this evening. However, I doubt
this, because I think there are many people who
recognize what I'm talking about.

This feeling of summer is probably due to a combination
of things, including the warmth in the air, the sounds
of nature, the humidity, and the dark, thunder-like
clouds, I saw in the sky near dusk.

And, now, I can hear a soft summer rain falling against
my porch roof. It's quite nice. Later tonight, I plan to
take my tea to the porch and enjoy a rainy moment.
Just snap your fingers and join me! There will be a full
pot of tea and plenty of chairs in the porch.

All the best!


kelly said...

I close my eyes and I'm there beside you now with my cup in hand except I have a cup of hot choc.:) sitting on the porch hearing the rain fall with some very close friends. Thanks for the invite and the mental image.:)

Pixie said...

Hi guys,

I will have a drink of Tequila please. I will be the bad one and splash you both with the rain water:)

After all, summer feelings and water fights go hand in hand...especially with pixies around;)

Better when I am bad,