22 April 2010

Have you heard the chant of Mother Earth?

Have you heard the chant of Mother Earth
As she whirls through space?

The sound she has made since her creation.
The music of the spheres.

Musica universalis....

On this Earth Day, let us love our beautiful home.

Let us do one thing for her, as a gift of appreciation.

Let us meditate and attune to Mother Earth,
As she sings with all creation....

musica universalis!


12 April 2010

How to Control Stress the Natural Way

Hi Everyone,

Well, I spent part of the weekend completing the
update of my report, "How to Control Stress". If
you aren't familiar with the report, let me just
say that it's a natural approach to the control
of stress. More specifically, I give three nature
therapy exercises that you can use to help aid in
reducing the stress in your life.

You'll find the link on the left side panel, to the
left of this post, under "Notices!". But, heck, you
don't have to go there. Just click HERE.

I've been pleased with the distribution of the
original report. I think it's been downloaded
several thousand times since its release in 2006.
I hope you enjoy the latest version.

I'll be back shortly with another post.

All the best,