18 November 2007

A Cool Evening, New Glasgow, and a Workshop


I was going to go walking this evening, but the
moon sat before I returned from visiting my
mother at the nursing home in Mahone Bay.

Oh yes, I had a great time in New Glasgow. The
presentation was well received, and I must say
that it was one of the best performances of my
speaking career. :) Everything seemed to click,
and fall into place. It's so nice, when that

The temperature is hovering near the freezing
mark at the moment, while tomorrow is likely to
be cool, according to the forecast. I think we
are supposed to hit +3 Celsuis.

I am seriously thinking of hosting a workshop
this winter, based on finding and using natural
plant/tree medicines and foods that could be
used during survival conditions. If it happens,
I'll be posting the date and time on this blog.

Well, must go for now.

I'll be back, soon!