25 September 2008

The Mystery of Medicine

The term "medicine" as used in this article, refers
to the word in its broadest sense, meaning those
things that both relieve and heal illness and dis-ease,
and maintain or restore balance to our lives.

I use the word, "mystery," because to some extent,
both medicine and the world are mysterious and full
of surprises.

Consider the "placebo effect," for instance. I've always
considered the placebo effect as good medicine in
its own right, because it demonstrates the deep
connection and inter-relationship between mind and
body, or, if you like, between consciousness and
matter at a cellular level.

Then, of course, there are many systems of faith
healing, and energy healing -- the latter includes
reiki, tai chi, and acupuncture. Those systems are all
remarkable and illustrate to some extent, this "mystery"
called medicine.

I think we should respect and learn from all systems of
medicine, both traditional and modern. For instance,
the modern allopathic system of medicine is amazing
in situations where emergency intervention is required.
The technical advances of modern medicine are
astounding, as are many of its powerful, disease
intervention drugs. However, it is an expensive system
to maintain, and can be very intrusive to mind and body.

We can learn much from traditional medicine systems.
For instance, shamanism offers valuable insight into
mind, consciousness, the physical body, and how
they react to ceremony and ritual. As well, we can
learn a great deal from shamans who wish to share
their knowledge about the use of plants and trees as

We must never close our minds to learning about
the mysteries of life and of medicine. For instance,
what fascinates you the most about life? What are
the things that bring joy into your life, and give you a
sense of well-being and contentment? Those things
are your personal medicine -- they keep you well,
and you don't have to get a prescription for them.
This is part of your personal medicine power.

Down the road, I plan to write a special report about
personal medicine power.

Good medicine always,

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15 September 2008

A New Beginning

Hi Everyone,

Well, this post marks the beginning of a new effort
to post regularly to The Nature Writer's Digs. I've
been in a real slump with my blogging efforts,
generally, and look forward to posting with renewed

I plan to tie this blog closer to my Natural Healing
website and newsletter. I'll be posting some
items from the newsletter, including the occasional
article. I'll also keep you posted on what I'm doing
in the natural healing, wellness, self-growth, and
spiritual fields.

In other news, I plan to hold my 3rd annual "Plant
Walk for a Pie" event, on Sunday, October 12th.
The event will take place at my residence, here on
Mines Road # 2, Hebbs Cross, Nova Scotia. I'll post
further updates in my newsletter and on this blog.
It'll be a fun day!

All the best, for this time,