23 May 2008

Romancing the Rain in Nova Scotia


We're having some rain here on the south shore of
Nova Scotia. As I've said on several occasions in the
past, I enjoy the rain at night. In fact, right after I make
this post, I intend to make myself a cup of tea and sit
in my porch to romance the rain. :)

Oh yes, I'll relax and listen to it hitting against the roof
and windows of the porch. There isn't any wind at the
moment, so it'll be just me and the rain. Mind you, I
don't mind when the wind joins us. In fact, there are
times when I like to hear it blowing the rain against
the window panes.

Anyhow, for those of you who haven't been to Nova
Scotia, you really should plan a visit. It's a beautiful
province with lots of beaches contrasting with rocky
ocean shoreline. Also, the pace is slower than in
many other areas of North America, and that's the
way we like it.

If you have any questions about the province, just
leave me a comment. I'll answer them, if I can.

All the best!

15 May 2008

Walking in Nova Scotia on a Misty Night


I arrived home a few nights ago at about 11 o'clock.
The weather was misty and overcast, blanketing the
landscape in a deep darkness. Even so, the frogs
were calling loudly up along the old mines road,
inviting me to walk out into the night.

So, away I went, feeling my way along the road, and
through the mass of pot holes that appear at this
time of the year. Soon, my imagination got the best
of me, and I fancied myself tripping over a porcupine,
and wondering what damage its quills would inflict
as they punctured my legs.

This imagination might have gotten the better of me,
except, that, adjusting to the darkness, I was soon
able to perceive the faint outline of the road ahead
of me. Mind you, it was barely visible, and I must
say that I've rarely experienced such deep, heavy

Arriving home, I felt refreshed, and ready for an
evening tea. Later, as I made my way to bed, the
rain started and played off the roof as I fell asleep.

Altogether, a terrific evening!

Catch you later,

04 May 2008

This Evening I Went Walking at Dusk

Well, you know, I love walking in the moonlight,
but I think I'm developing a new habit of walking
at dusk. This is an interesting time to be out and
about the countryside. I mean, this evening, when
I left the house at dusk, I could hear the robins
chirping on the field and in the trees, the songs
of other birds, and the singing of peepers in the
pond, nearby.

Oh yes, I had a wonderful walk!

In shamanic terms, "dusk" is the crack between
worlds. This is a time when it's possible to step
through the crack separating realms or worlds. I
always like to think about such things when I'm
walking at dusk.

However, returning to mundane things, the black
flies will soon be making their appearance, and
dusk is when they, too, like to be out and about!
So, I may have to resort to some kind of oil, to
keep them at bay. When you walk late at night,
you don't have to contend with them.

In any event, it's 1:25 at night, so I must post this
message, and then make myself a cup of tea before
retiring to bed.

All the best!