04 October 2007

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I decided to post the latest issue of my
Natural Healing Talk newsletter. I hope
you enjoy it!

I'll be back tomorrow evening, or on the
weekend, with another post.

See you then!

Natural Healing Talk
September 30, 2007, Vol., 2, # 18

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General Comments
Hi Everyone,

The "Plant Walk for A Pie" event was a smashing
success this year! I want to thank everyone who
participated in the event. We had a total of ten
people and three dogs for the field walk and pie
eating celebration.

There wasn't a cat in sight! :)

You can read a post about the event, and see a
couple of photos by visiting my nature blog
(Click on the photos to enlarge them.).

If you would like a good online resource on the
side-effects of various drugs, including herbal
interactions, then, go to the link, below. You may
even want to place an "icon" on your desktop, as a
handy shortcut to the database.

NewsTarget DrugWatch database

I have several plant/tree medicine presentations
lined up for the autumn season. For instance, I'll be
in Bridgewater, Halifax, and New Glasgow, Nova
Scotia -- for dates and locations, go to the following
page and scroll down until you see the listing for
"Field Walks and Presentations".

Also, I am currently in the process of setting up a
Forum on the Natural Healing Talk website for
general topics, food recipies, and remedies. I'll
let you know when the forum is up and running, by
posting a note on my nature blog, and in the next

Well, that's it for this time!

All the best!

Feature Article
Walking and Meditation: Tools for Experiencing
the Changing Cycles and Seasons

I like to go walking any time of the year, but,
especially, during the spring and autumn seasons.
There is such a wonderful transition happening
during those periods with an abundance of potent,
healing energy, in the atmosphere.

It's beautiful to go walking on an evening in early
spring, and to feel the changes taking place in the
environment, as it prepares for a new growing
cycle. By the same token, even though autumn
signifies the closing of a cycle, that season has
the powerful energy that comes with its maturity.

I was thinking about those things, as I went
walking along the road near my home, yesterday.
I was thinking how both walking and meditation,
can help us to channel the subtle energies of the
seasons. Even basic meditations, involving deep
breathing, or focusing on the sounds of animals,
birds, or of water over rocks in a stream, can
help to balance all aspects of our being.

Walking outdoors allows us to experience the
subtle shifts of nature, as it puts us in direct contact
with the environment. I suppose this is largely why
I enjoy walking -- to experience nature, directly.
And, I suppose this is largely why my walking is
done at a leisurely, steady pace. I tend to walk at
a pace that allows me to appreciate and observe
what is happening around me.

I mentioned the value of meditation in establishing
a balance in our lives. We can use the combined
tools of walking and meditation to become more
aware of seasonal cycles and energies. I'll conclude
by giving you a simple exercise, in this regard.

This autumn, try to begin a daily walking routine,
where you proceed at a steady, leisurely pace. In
other words, walk with your natural rhythm and at
your regular speed. Do not "power walk" or use
multi-media devices such as an mp3 player, ipod,
or whatever.

As you walk, pay attention to the landscape, and
things that are characteristic of autumn. Then, use
one of your observations as a daily meditation. Sit
in a comfortable position, relax, and focus your
attention on that characteristic of autumn. Do this
for a period of ten to fifteen minutes.

If you have difficulty with the meditation, focus on
something concrete such as a beautiful autumn
coloured leaf. First, take several deep breathes,
relax, and gently focus on the leaf. Then, if you like,
close your eyes and visualize the leaf. Hold the
visualization as best you can. Do not strain. If you
lose the vision, open your eyes and focus on the
leaf, again.

This meditation will gradually bring your life into
greater harmony with nature and the natural cycles.
It will have a soothing influence on your life. You
can perform this meditation with the four seasons
of the year.

Good medicine always,

Featured Web Link
The Healing Power of Plants -- Virtual Museum of Canada

"As long as humans have been human, we’ve been
trying to cure what ails us by using the healing power
of plants."

This is an excellent site, and you really should go
there to check out the many different topics covered.
They have an interesting section called, "Medicine
Hunters," or the search for plants that heal.

Ethnobotanical Note
Pineapple Weed or False Chamomile,
Matricaria matricaioides (Less) Porter.

This is a plant often found around farm yards, country
houses, roadsides, and places where the soil is
packed or hardened. The plant has an interesting
odour that is a bit like pineapple, and its leaves
resemble those of the carrot. I just went outside to
check, and discovered that I still have it growing in
my back yard, along with plantain. It has grown there
for many years. The pineapple weed and plantain
tend to keep company, and to grow under similar
soil conditions.

Pineapple weed is directly related to the chamomile
plant, Matricaria recutita L. In fact, it makes a suitable
substitute for chamomile tea. I enjoy it very much. Its
medicinal qualities are similar to chamomile, but
somewhat milder. Some western Native peoples
used the plant as a perfume. It was used externally to
treat itching and applied as a poultice to sores. Like
the chamomile plant, pineapple weed tea is soothing
for mild stomach problems.

My Promotions
High Energy Foods!

This ebook is 106 pages, and packed with valuable
health related information. And, unlike many dietary
books, it takes a middle-of-the-road approach, to
food and dieting. As well, it comes with several bonus

Download the "Sweet Grass Prayers" ebooklet!

For a good autumn read, try, The Way of the Crow!
This is a book I wrote about my pet crow.

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(I will show a maximum of five listings per issue.)

"The talent for being happy is appreciating
and liking what you have, instead of what
you don't have."

-- Woody Allen --

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