09 December 2007

A Winter Walk With Icey Slush and an Owl


I just returned from a walk along the old Mines Road.
It's a good night for walking, as the temperature is
only -2 Celsuis. As well, the thin covering of snow --
about 5 cm -- reflects the light, and so it was quite
easy to make my way along the road.

As I passed near Minamkeak Lake, I heard slush
splashing against the rocky shore. Evidently, it was
cold enough to form the icey slush in coves or along
the shoreline. What a wonderful sound! I closed my
eyes to listen for about five minutes, before going
on my way.

Later, even in the darkness, I could see the faint
image of a large bird as it flew over the road in front
of me. The bird was likely an owl, on its way to the
lakeshore. It is not unusual for owls to visit the lake,
and often you can hear them call from various places
near Minamkeak.

What a refreshing walk! When I returned home, I
made myself a tea, and drank it while I relaxed near
the warm fire in my old wood stove.

All the best,