16 February 2007

My Latest Approach to Writing Short Stories


There are a number of ways to pull off a short
shory. Lately, I've been experimenting with the
notion of having two or more parallel sub-stories
running at the same time. I call them "sub-stories,"
because, together, they compose the short story
that I'm writing.

I try to make the relationship subtle so that the
reader has to figure out just how they relate to
each other. This approach is especially evident in
mystery novels and in other types of novels as

It's not so evident in short stories.

I've just finished a story where this relationship is
never fully explained. The sub-stories are clearly
distinct, yet, if you think about it, you'll discover
that they deeply influence each other. It's left to
the reader to discern the extent of the relationship.

I know, but I'm not talking;)

In any event, this is an approach you might want
to try with your own writing.

All the best!