29 March 2007

Winter's Final Sting . . . I Hope . . . .


I went walking on the old mining road late
tonight. There was a strong wind from the
northwest blowing directly into my face, as
I made my way along the road.

I thought my face would freeze:)

Of course, on my return, I had the wind at
my back. Even so, it felt like February,
rather than late March.

The moon was beautiful, although I didn't
spend much time contemplating things. I
walked along at a brisk pace, and was
happy to return to the warmth of my home.

Well, I'll be back soon. Perhaps, then,
I'll have more information for you about
that inspiration I received a few nights
ago. ;)

All the best,

28 March 2007

My eBook has Launched!


Well, after lots of frustration, I've finally
launched my eBook, The Way of the Crow!

It feels really good to finally have things
working properly, and to have the book available
as a PDF download.

The book also comes with a brief bonus report,
called, The Crow Medicine Report. That's also
in PDF format.

Well, bye for now. I'll likely be out walking
later tonight, and may post again in the wee
hours of the morning:)

All the best,

25 March 2007

This Powerful Moon . . . .


I just returned from an evening walk in the moonlight.
The mud has frozen and the light from the moon
makes it easy to walk around the puddles of water.

This moon is really powerful. I can feel its strong
effects. It inspired me to do a sweet grass session
and now my home is smelling after the beautiful
scent of sweet grass.

This is a moon for lovers. It's a romantic moon -- a
time to walk in the moonlight with your lover, and to
fill the night sky with moonlight kisses;) Imagine
that! So, go on, take your lover, your companion, by
the hand and kiss under the stars . . . the moon . . .
and enjoy a moonlight walk together.

Mmmm . . .

No, I won't say what I'm thinking. Perhaps I'll tell
you in my next post. I have to be sure this inspiration
isn't a passing fancy. . . .

Laurie Coyote

p.s. I'm drunk on this wonderful moon . . .I feel like a
Coyote . . . think I'll go now and howl in the moonlight.

The Way of the Crow!


Well, I was going to take a walk this beautiful
early spring evening, but then I remembered that
the old mines road is muddy and wet! So, I'll
wait until tomorrow evening when the temperature
is supposed to drop to -7. That should freeze the
muddy areas, although the water will still be a
problem. However, I'll manage:)

I'm pleased to announce that my eBook,
The Way of the Crow will be available for
purchase on March 28th! Just "click" on the title,
above, to go to the website. The book will come
with a bonus mini-report on Crow Medicine.
Pretty special, indeed!

Okay, then, I'm off. Sweet dreams, everyone.

Bye now,

22 March 2007

The Passing of Rita Joe


Rita Joe, known as the 'poet laureate' of the
Mi'kmaq First Nation, passed away on Tuesday
night. She was 75 and had waged a long battle
with Parkinson's disease.

Sad news, indeed.

I first met Rita and her husband, Frank Joe, back
in the early 1970's at a Writer's Federation of
Nova Scotia meeting. We became good friends.
Then, when I started my work with traditional
plant medicines, I visited Eskasoni, Cape Breton,
and stayed with Rita and Frank and their family.

I have fond memories of that visit. It seems like
only a few short years ago since I was there. In
fact, my visit took place over 30 years ago.

Rita, I'm going to miss you. We both started
writing seriously at about the same time. I
always felt a special connection to you and
Frank, even though we lost contact with each
other, years ago.

May the Great Spirit bless you, Rita Joe!

Good medicine always,

18 March 2007

Tracking the Fox


Sorry for not posting to the blog recently. But, I'm
back again, so a flurry of posts will follow soon!

For instance, I've been trying to photograph a young
fox that has frequented the area.

One day last week I was walking near the shore
of Minamkeak Lake, and noticed fox tracks in the
snow. I spent two hours tracking that fox! I
followed it along the shore, and then inland through
the forest. I tried to circle around and intercept
the fox from downwind.

I must have gotten close, because when I suddenly
came upon its tracks again, it had veered at a sharp
right angle away from my approach.

I still haven't photographed that elusive fox!

On a different note, I'm happy to report that Nova
Scotia was spared the nor'easter that recently
swept up through the eastern seaboard causing
major snow-related problems. We received about
an inch of sleet and freezing rain here on the
south shore of the province. Tonight is windy with
periodic rain. That's great! I enjoy a good spring

All the best!

p.s. I'll be back, soon!

07 March 2007

Burr . . . it's a Cold Night!


Well, it's -18 Celsius here on the south shore
of Nova Scotia. I didn't think March could be
this cold:( One thing's certain, I'm not taking
my walk tonight, as the wind chill factor must
make it darn near -30!

I had planned to walk to Minamkeak lake and
to look out over its surface in the moonlight.
Perhaps I would see the little fox that is in the
area. I've seen this young fox on one occasion
and have noted its tracks in the snow.

I have a wood fire going tonight. I've even made
my bed downstairs, close to the comfort of the
wood stove. I plan to finish the night by making
a tea and sipping it while relaxing on the cozy
love seat next to the fire. I enjoy listening to the
sound of the wind as it whistles down the
chimney and stirs the flames of the wood fire.

Later, when I'm sleepy, I'll simply lie down on
the lounge and catch some rest.

Well, I wish all of you sweet dreams and a
wonderful Wednesday!