12 February 2007

Walking the Bog

I returned to the bog yesterday afternoon
and, this time, with the aid of a walking
stick, managed to get out on it without
falling through the ice! In my previous post,
I mentioned falling through and soaking my
feet in the cold, icey water.

This time, I used a walking stick to poke at
the ice ahead of me. I moved carefully and
was able to go along without any difficulty.
I was able to examine some of the black
spruce trees that grow on small islands in the
bog. Those trees are dwarfted because of
growing conditions, and have quite rough
textured bark. I think they are very old.

I was excited and pleased to see the many
rabbits tracks and trails in the snow, as well
as fox and coyote tracks.

In fact, on my return, as I came out from the
bushes onto the mines road a short distance
from where I live, I saw a fox trotting along the
road towards me. We saw each other at the
same time. The fox was about seventy yards
from me. It sat and looked at me. I stood and
looked back at it. Finally, I moved to walk back
to my home. When I did this, the fox turned on
its heels and high-tailed it away from me.

It was an interesting outing. I didn't see any
chick-a-dees amongst the alder bushes in the
bog. it was probably the wrong time of day for
that -- I'll have to go back there on a sunny

Bye for this time,