30 April 2007

Walking in the Forest

I'm making a point of walking in the forest more
often. With all the online stuff I'm doing, it's easy
to neglect basic things. I'm making a point of
observing the plants as they sprout and grow,
and of noting new tree growth as we move
further into spring.

Last spring I missed the flowering period for the
trilliums -- it seemed that the weeks flew by, so
that suddenly we were well into June. It won't
happen this year! My eyes are wide open for
the slightest hint of trillium growth:)

A few days ago, I took a walk in the forest near
my home, where the sphagnum moss totally
covers the ground. It's a wonderful place. In
fact, I've never seen so much sphagnum moss
in one area. It's everywhere, like a large, soft
carpet, covering the ground.

Finally, I must say that the mayflowers are
quite plentiful this season. For a while, it looked
like a scarce period for mayflowers, but the rains
of the past few days have brought them out in
all their glory!

The perfume of the mayflower is very special. If
you live some place where they aren't growing, I
think you should make a journey to where they
grow, so that you can smell those flowers at
least once in your lifetime. You won't regret it!

Good medicine always!