26 October 2006

Balsam Fir Tea


It's a cool +7 Celsius, today, here on the south
shore of Nova Scotia. I was forced to wear my
red-checkered jacket for only the third time this
year. You know, the jacket with the hole in the
outer lining of the right sleeve:)

While I was outside, I walked to the lake, and on
the way I started thinking about how my father
used to use balsam fir twigs as a tea while he
was in the forest cutting wood on cold winter
days. So, I cut some twigs and took them home,
so that I could taste the tea once again. I hadn't
made balsam fir tea for a number of years.

Anyhow, let me tell you that it tastes just fine
with a shot of tequila added to the mix! Just

Seriously, I'm drinking it as I write this message.
It's high in Vitamin C and was probably the tree
used by the Mi'kmaq to treat European fishermen
of scurvy, centuries ago. Mind you, spruce, pine,
and other conifers are also rich in Vitamin C,
and could have been used to cure scurvy.

I'm drinking the balsam fir tea without anything
added to it, like honey, for example. The smell
is quite strong and, if I close my eyes, I can
imagine myself standing in a grove of fir trees.
In fact, my dining room and kitchen smell of fir!
Also, the smell is quite strong from the tea pot --
sweeter than I had imagined, and almost like the
smell of candy.

Smell and taste are very close, so the tea tastes
a lot like it smells. If you rub the needles of the
balsam fir tree, it exudes a strong scent. This is
how the tea tastes, although it has a slight, bitter,
after taste.

It's a healthy drink and feels quite soothing on my
stomach. If anyone else has experienced the tea,
please leave me a note.

All the best!
Learn about medicinal plants/trees by going here!

21 October 2006

Romancing the Rain ;)

Earlier this evening, I went with a friend to the
Biscuit Eater Cafe in Mahone Bay, to enjoy
an evening of music and socializing. We had
a good time. The Biscuit Eater is a great place
to hang out, with good coffee/tea and lots of
fine desserts! :)

Anyhow, I got back home at about 10:30, just
when the wind and rain was starting to happen.
So, I made myself a tea and sat listening to the
rain and wind against the roof and windows of
my porch.

This is a nice way to enjoy a cup of tea. I call
it "romancing the rain". I often sit in my porch
listening to the rain and sipping my tea. You
know what, I gotta look for a woman who enjoys
this kind of thing -- yeah, my next girlfriend
has to love romancing the rain! Perhaps I'll
make that my number one requirement:))

All the best to everyone!

18 October 2006

Mines Road Photo

Hi Everyone,

Well, it's a damp and chilly night here on
the south shore of Nova Scotia. I've decided
against taking a walk tonight, largely because
the road is wet and greasy.

However, tomorrow is supposed to be sunny
with cloudy periods, so things are looking
up for tomorrow night. By that time, the
road should be dry and perfect for walking.

Below is a photo of the Mines Road as it runs
past my home. I hope you enjoy it!

Best regards,

p.s. Sorry for the quality. I seem to have
affected the image when I reduced it for
uploading. You see, I'm on dial-up out here
in the country, so it's time consuming to
upload images.

14 October 2006

A Few Remarks


Well, it's been too long since my last post! It's
amazing how quickly the days slip past.

I haven't been taking walking for several days,
largely because the rain and fog tend to play
against such activity:) However, I'll be back at
it soon.

I must admit that I got a little behind in preparing
the latest issue of my newsletter. However, I
managed to finish it off tonight, except for spell-
checking, and adding a few finishing touches.
I'll do that tomorrow.

I'm currently putting the finishing touches on a
short story manuscript. It'll need one more edit
before I'm satisfied. Mmm . . . are we ever
really satisfied?

That's all for tonight, folks. I plan to make a
couple of posts next week. I also plan to post a
photo of the old road past my home. Trouble is,
I can't seem to find the USB cable that attaches
my camera to the computer! Now, how could I
possibly misplace that cable?

Oh my . . . I'm always hiding things on myself:(

Best wishes,

07 October 2006

This Powerful Moon

Well, I just returned from a walk, and I must say
that the moon's influence is more powerful than it
has been for many months. I've felt it for the past
couple of days. Also, it's incredibly bright tonight!

In fact, as I walked along the road, I was amazed
by the light. When I got to the old field where I
chased the deer last week, I could see several
head of cattle lying along the margin of the field,
and could hear them chewing on leaves and grass
as I walked past.

Tomorrow I must take a photo of the road running
past my house, so you can get some idea of what
this place looks like. Also, I will take a photo of
the road and old field, so you can better visualize
my comments.

All the best to everyone. Sweet dreams!

A Funny Squirrel Experience!

A funny thing happened today while I was having
a morning tea.

You see, I was sitting outdoors with my tea resting
on a small table, when a squirrel started chattering
from an Oak, nearby. So, I thought, "I'll go and fetch
a small piece of bread for the little fella".

As I opened the back door to return with the bread,
I saw the squirrel standing with front feet on the rim
of my tea cup, looking inside. The next moment the
cup upset, sending the squirrel scurrying for cover,
with the tea spilling over the table, and dripping to
the grass.

Well, to say I laughed is an understatement! And,
oh yes, the tea was luke warm -- fortunately, it wasn't
hot enough to scald the squirrel. I would have felt
quite upset, had that happened.

Well, have a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend!

All the best!

05 October 2006

A Writer's Note

Hi Everyone,

While I was walking this evening, I thought about
how too much emphasis on the mechanics of
writing, can stifle the creative urge to put words to
paper or the word processor.

Many of you know exactly what I'm talking about --
there are times when you want to write out an idea,
but you get hung up on style, or grammar, or some
other problem relating to mechanics. In this respect,
I'm trying to form the habit of simply going ahead
and getting it down on paper!

Yes, get it down! That's the main thing. If you want
to mess around with the perfect sentence, do it
later. Make certain you write it down, otherwise you
might lose the idea, or the inspiration, or whatever.

In this respect, writing's a lot like painting. I paint
in oils, and there are times when I find myself
placing too much emphasis on mechanical
procedures. However, when I start painting, I get
into the flow and good things happen! And, guess
what: I almost automatically follow the correct
procedures! At least they're correct for me;)

Well, it's almost 1 o'clock in the morning. I think
I'll go and make myself a cup of tea. Then, perhaps
do a few web-related things, before hitting the sack
for the night.

See you next time!

01 October 2006

Another Moon Note


I went walking tonight, although the moon was
low in the sky, offering little light. This was around
11:30 p.m. At one point on my walk, the moon
was peeking through the trees, its light reflecting
off the waters of Minamkeak lake.

As I looked through the trees, I could see the
movement of waves on the lake, by the light of the
moon. It was a beautiful experience.

When I write my first eBook, Nature Odyssey, I
must include moonlight adventure and awareness
exercises in the book. The moon throws an entirely
different perspective on the natural world, and on
nature experience. In fact, I think I'll write an entire
chapter on moonlight experiences!

My eBook project is mentioned at this link:
The Nature Odyssey is announced!

I plan to begin the book this month.

Well, so long for now. I want to post more often to
this blog. I'd like to get into the habit of posting
every third day/night.

All the best!