16 October 2008

Autumn Social and Old Growth Forest Walk Photo


Well the Autumn Social went off very well. We
had an enjoyable visit to the old forest area,
and later, to Minamkeak Lake. The group then
returned to my place, to enjoy and feast on a
variety of foods, including homemade soups and

Here is a photo of the event.

All the best,

08 October 2008

Autumn Social & Old Growth Forest Walk

Hi Everyone,

Here's a Special Event Notice!

Date: 12 October 2008
Time: Afternoon - 12:30 following - we'll walk at about 1:30
Bring: Food Contribution
Location: 352 Mines Road # 2, Hebbs Cross, Lunenburg
County, Nova Scotia
Contact me: event@naturalhealingtalk.com

Join me for a walk to the Old Forest area on the property
that has been in my family since about 1898. We'll walk to
the old forest, where you can spend time looking about or
meditating or examining the trees, or sketching, searching
for medicinal plants, or following your inspiration.

Later, we'll return and share food with good conversation!
We can even have fire in my ceremonially dedicated fire
pit -- perhaps steep both black spruce tea and labrador
tea in pots above the open fire!

Contact me for directions!

All the best,

p.s. Oh yes, parking is limited, so carpool, if you can.

p.p.s Will someone please bring a pie? I have a sweet