15 July 2007

Wandering About the Field


I just returned from wandering about my field.
It's a fairly large field, that is fast becoming
overgrown with a variety of bushes and small
trees. If I don't soon clear it, the day is fast
approaching when it will be re-claimed by the
forest. I have mixed feelings about it -- in the
end, I think it's probably best to maintain the

I have a beautiful hawthorn bush growing on my
field. I love hawthorn and it's easy to tell why
there is so much lore associated with this bush
or small tree. I'll post a photo of my hawthorn,

I'm going to have lots of blueberries this year!
My field has large patches of wild, low bush
blueberries. They are just starting to ripen. I
was able to pick and eat some ripe berries as I
walked along. Every season, I make a point of
eating a large handful of blueberries, evenings.
Wild blueberries are my favourite summer tonic

One area of the field, near my house, is a mass
of blossoming knapweed. We don't usually
associate knapweed with beauty, but what a treat
it is to see all the knapweed in bloom. It's an
ocean of blue!

Well, I must go now, and have a tea. It's
steeped, and I'm ready to go outside, so I can
drink my tea in the shade of the mountain ash.

All the best!


Anitya said...

I liked the format of your writing (in the form of letters). I've to visit later to understand the actual contents.

Laurie said...


Thanks for the comment.

Yes, I like to use the letter format, because it is so personal in nature.

Bye now,