09 February 2009

This Melancholy Moon

Hi Everyone,

Over the years, I've noticed how the moon influences
me, emotionally. For instance, the January moon
impressed me with its strength and brightness.

Now, of course, the moon various in her brightness,
partly because of changes in our atmospheric conditions,
the seasons, and her distance from the earth. There
are probably other factors at work, as well.

But, what I really want to mention in this post, is
that for me, this February moon is a melancholy moon.
As it approaches fullness, it is having a strong
influence on my emotional or mental state. I'm feeling

I've often recognized such lunar influences in the
past. I'm very sensitive in this regard. The moods
leave me as the moon passes through fullness, and
begins to wane.

Perhaps this sensitivity is related to my Pisces

Does anyone else notice the moon's influence on
their emotions?

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All the best,

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