12 March 2009

The March Moon and Birthday Celebrations

Hi Everyone,

Well, last night I was on the old mines road walking in the
light of the full moon. It was splendid! A bit frosty, but, still,
the night had the feeling of approaching spring!

I walked to Minamkeak Lake and noticed that the ice is
melting along the shore. However, it is still safe to skate
in the coves, so with a bit of freezing, I may yet have one
last skate this coming weekend!

My birthday was March 4th, but was celebrated last
Saturday evening and night with festivities around the fire
pit. It was the first time the fire pit was used this year. Also,
my amazing woman friend, Rita, baked me a birthday
cake from scratch. It was delicious!

But, wait! Before you leave, please check out the pics,
below. The first one shows me eating the remaining mix
from the mixing bowl. The second pic shows me by the
birthday cake.

Hey! Notice the scarcity of candles. . . bet you didn't
know I was still a youngster! Go ahead, count 'em. ;)

All the best,


Traditional Plant Medicine Consultant
at Wild World of Plants


'American Dreamer' said...

Happy Birthday Laurie!
I've just discovered this blog and love your life.
You're definitely a kindred spirit.
Keep up the good work!
God bless you...

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