09 January 2009

White Dust

I went walking in the moonlight, again tonight.

This January moon, it's special -- such brightness,
such light!

I suppose it's because of the snowy landscape?
It reflects the moonlight so well. Seems like day.

I walked down the old road to Minamkeak Lake.
You should have seen it in the moonlight! Such a
powerful and special lake....

I looked out across the lake as the wind touched
my face. My vision was hazy. I realized this wind
was carrying snow over the lake like thick specks
of white dust.

I breathed deeply -- breathing the white dust....

"Minamkeak!" I spoke. "Mighty Minamkeak!"

I turned and left that place, walking slowly back
up the road. The wind tickled the back of my neck.

Now I'm sipping a cup of hot tea.

I feel good -- real good.