03 February 2009

Walking In A Winter Storm

Hi Everyone,

Well, I dressed warm, put on my boots, and went
walking in the snow, sleet, and wind, earlier this
evening. As I walked along the old mines road, I
noticed a constant hum, as the wind danced and
darted its way through the needles and branches
of the tall spruce trees.

A couple of vehicles had broken a path through the
snow. So, the walking was made somewhat easier
because of that, although I still felt my feet slip
with each step I took. In the end, I soon turned
back, as my warm house and a cup of tea, beckoned
my return.

To some extent, I enjoy walking in storms, as they
show us another side of nature. They also make me
appreciate a warm home!

Now, as I type this message, I notice there's a lull
in the wind, and, in this calmness, even the sleet
has ended. Perhaps the storm has passed and moved
further east?

In the morning, I will prepare a feeding area for the
birds. I do this with snowshoes. How? Well, I walk
over the area until the snowshoes create a hard
surface for the birds to enjoy. I then scatter the
seeds and the birds have a grand time on their new
feeding grounds.

I hope everyone has a splendid February! I'll return,

All the best,