29 October 2009

Childhood School Memories

Hi Everyone,

This week I've taken regular walks along
the old country road. This morning, I was
walking along the road when the school bus
passed by, on its way to picking up kids
further along the way. That bus sent my
thoughts scurrying back to childhood days,
of riding the bus, and of my hatred for

Oh yes, I hated school, with the exception
of my final year. In fact, I quit grade 7 for
three years running. One year, I did manage
to attend classes for 28 days.

Even as early as grade 5, I would hide from
the school bus. I'd leave for school, but run
away into the forest before reaching the bus
stop. There, I'd climb a tree, and watch the
bus pass by. Later, near mid-morning, I'd
make my way back home.

So, anyhow, that's a brief glimpse into my
childhood, courtesy of the yellow school bus
that passed me on the old country road this

All the best,