07 October 2009

Natural Healing and Wellness in the Natural World

Hi Everyone,

I've lived most of my life in the rural landscape
of Lunenburg County, Nova Scotia. Over the years,
I've gained a keen appreciation for the healing
and restorative potential of natural landscape
and nature.

I know that a beautiful natural setting, and a
quiet walk through forest and field, or along a
country road, has as much or more potential for
healing and wellness as does a prescription

Actually, that's mainly the reason I started my
Natural Healing Talk newsletter. I wanted to
communicate my feelings and insights about nature
and the natural world, as they relate to healing
and wellness.

Just last night, I took a walk with the moon
shining brightly overhead. I often take walks
on moonlit nights, and frequently talk about
them on this blog. I enjoy writing about those
outings, and my other nature experiences, and
love communicating with people from all over
the world.

I hope you'll visit my blog, often!

Good medicine always,