01 October 2006

Another Moon Note


I went walking tonight, although the moon was
low in the sky, offering little light. This was around
11:30 p.m. At one point on my walk, the moon
was peeking through the trees, its light reflecting
off the waters of Minamkeak lake.

As I looked through the trees, I could see the
movement of waves on the lake, by the light of the
moon. It was a beautiful experience.

When I write my first eBook, Nature Odyssey, I
must include moonlight adventure and awareness
exercises in the book. The moon throws an entirely
different perspective on the natural world, and on
nature experience. In fact, I think I'll write an entire
chapter on moonlight experiences!

My eBook project is mentioned at this link:
The Nature Odyssey is announced!

I plan to begin the book this month.

Well, so long for now. I want to post more often to
this blog. I'd like to get into the habit of posting
every third day/night.

All the best!