24 September 2006

Short Story Notes

It's an overcast and foggy day here on the
south shore of Nova Scotia. We've had
some drizzle and the occasional shower
as well. I've spent part of the day, editing
a collection of short stories.

Three of the stories don't seem to fit neatly
into the overall theme of the collection. But,
I've made the decision to keep them -- well,
at least for now. Two of them are quite silly,
really; but what's a writer supposed to do,
when faced with such silliness? I mean, the
stories were there, waiting to be put on
paper. You can't very well ignore them:)

The third story flows even further away from
the theme of the collection. It's actually a
re-write of a story that was published in 1904,
about a historical figure who had a secret
gold mine in the Kejimkujik area of Queens
County, Nova Scotia. I felt the urge to re-do
the story for the collection.

Oh yes, starting in early October, I'll be
working furiously on a new eBook. You can
read about it at the following link, which
also contains the link to download my Free
Report, Control Stress the Natural Way.

Well, must take a walk outside and experience
the fog.

All the best!