18 October 2006

Mines Road Photo

Hi Everyone,

Well, it's a damp and chilly night here on
the south shore of Nova Scotia. I've decided
against taking a walk tonight, largely because
the road is wet and greasy.

However, tomorrow is supposed to be sunny
with cloudy periods, so things are looking
up for tomorrow night. By that time, the
road should be dry and perfect for walking.

Below is a photo of the Mines Road as it runs
past my home. I hope you enjoy it!

Best regards,

p.s. Sorry for the quality. I seem to have
affected the image when I reduced it for
uploading. You see, I'm on dial-up out here
in the country, so it's time consuming to
upload images.


Stephanie said...

Oh that reminds me of our road. (only flatter.) I just posted a picture of it too. I am surprised you are so green yet. hard to tell from the photo, but am assuming there is a lot of evergreen there.

Laurie said...

Hi Stephanie,
Your road looks beautiful!

My photo was actually taken about three weeks ago -- now, the leaves have turned to many beautiful colours, and are beginning to fall from the trees. But, yes, there are a lot of evergreens here.

I plan to post a photo of another location along the road, and you'll be able to see the changes in the foliage.

best regards,