21 October 2006

Romancing the Rain ;)

Earlier this evening, I went with a friend to the
Biscuit Eater Cafe in Mahone Bay, to enjoy
an evening of music and socializing. We had
a good time. The Biscuit Eater is a great place
to hang out, with good coffee/tea and lots of
fine desserts! :)

Anyhow, I got back home at about 10:30, just
when the wind and rain was starting to happen.
So, I made myself a tea and sat listening to the
rain and wind against the roof and windows of
my porch.

This is a nice way to enjoy a cup of tea. I call
it "romancing the rain". I often sit in my porch
listening to the rain and sipping my tea. You
know what, I gotta look for a woman who enjoys
this kind of thing -- yeah, my next girlfriend
has to love romancing the rain! Perhaps I'll
make that my number one requirement:))

All the best to everyone!