07 October 2006

A Funny Squirrel Experience!

A funny thing happened today while I was having
a morning tea.

You see, I was sitting outdoors with my tea resting
on a small table, when a squirrel started chattering
from an Oak, nearby. So, I thought, "I'll go and fetch
a small piece of bread for the little fella".

As I opened the back door to return with the bread,
I saw the squirrel standing with front feet on the rim
of my tea cup, looking inside. The next moment the
cup upset, sending the squirrel scurrying for cover,
with the tea spilling over the table, and dripping to
the grass.

Well, to say I laughed is an understatement! And,
oh yes, the tea was luke warm -- fortunately, it wasn't
hot enough to scald the squirrel. I would have felt
quite upset, had that happened.

Well, have a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend!

All the best!