29 May 2006

This Road is Magical


I just returned from taking another of my late
night walks. As usual, the "peepers" were out in
full force, making a myriad of sounds as I walked
past the swamp below where I live.

Then, a short while later, the loons began to call
out on the lake. Their calls are so beautiful and
soul searching. In Mi'kmaq culture, the loon is the
"messenger" of Glooscap, the culture hero who
lived in this country centuries ago. he has gone
away, but will return one day to his native

I felt cool and refreshed by the time I returned.
A quick check of the thermometer shows me that
it's +10 degrees. This is a bit mis-leading, as
there is a slight fog, and a moisture in the air,
making it feel cool, indeed.

All the best to everyone! I'll be back in a day
or so with another post.