22 May 2006

Writing Tip # 3

Hi Everybody,

I just got in from a beautiful late night walk. The
temperature is mild, so I was able to walk in my shirt
sleeves, even at one o'clock in the morning.

During my walk, I was thinking about the importance
of writing in the same location every day. Or, in my
case, one of several locations. Having a special place
to write, represents a comfort zone of sorts, where
the creative energy is free to flow. I've found that
nurturing three or four such locations, multiplies the
effects. I even have two locations where I generally
only visit evenings. Those are restaurants that I
visit for evening coffee or tea writing sessions.

You may want to try the same thing. Write where you've
developed a degree of comfort, and are not faced with
a continuous barage of daily stress. In fact, cultivate
several locations. This is a good way to break a writing
block. If you can't think of anything to write, change
locations. This may be the catalyst to get you going

Well, enough rambling for tonight. Talk to you again,