02 June 2006


I walked last night along the old mines road, and enjoyed the light
from the waxing moon. At one point during my walk, I stopped to
enjoy the late spring sounds, including the rustle of leaves caused
by a warm breeze from the southwest. As I bathed in this delightful
experience, I thought about "inspiration," and the role nature has
played in inspiring many people throughout history.

You know, it only takes one such experience -- perhaps, the crystal
still water of a lake in the moonlight, or, soft falling snow on Christmas
eve -- to inspire us to action, or to give us an idea that will later be
developed into something worth while, such as a fulfilling career or

My walk last night gave me new insight into a short story that I've
been grappling with for the past week. It posed a particularly difficult
problem, and one which I'll explain in my next post. For now, I have
to close, and run into town. I've got some things to do in Bridgewater
(the nearest town to where I live) and, besides, I want to meet a
friend for coffee:)

All the best!