13 May 2006

Writing Tip # 2

Hi Everyone,

Here's a tip that I suppose will be valuable to travel writers
and nature writers alike. I tried it this past week, during a
hike along Green Bay, Lunenburg County, Nova Scotia.

I had a small note pad and pen in my pocket for taking notes.

The hike lasted for about two hours, so during that time I
made a point of stopping every twenty minutes to record
single words, and short two to five word statements about
the hike. When I got back to the car, I had four pages of
brief notes covering the morning adventure.

At home, I found it quite easy to take the notes and expand
on them. I'm not certain it would work so well every time, but
in this particular case I was able to complete the rough draft
of a five page essay.

Well, this is just a brief post. It's 2:50 a.m., so I'd best be
off to bed! I plan to meet a friend for tea in the morning.

My best regards!