01 May 2006

The Rain and the Night

I have walked in all kinds of weather. In the hot sun,
in the light of the full moon, in a snow storm, in cold,
dark, winter nights, and in the rain. Ah, yes, the rain.
It is this that I will talk about, now.

We've had a steady rain for several hours, here on
the south shore of Nova Scotia. Even so, I decided
to go walking. I enjoy hearing the rain on the road,
and bushes around me, and on my rain jacket. And,
the frogs are obviously enjoying it, if their songs
from the swamps are any indication.

I pause to listen at sounds from the bushes nearby.
Something else is stirring in the night, besides
myself, and the frogs. I move on, occasionally
glancing to my rear. The rain continues. I walk
through a water puddle, soaking my shoes.

I know this walk is something I will write about, when
I return home. I've already walked much further than I
had intended. To my right is a cattle pasture. On a
moonlit night, I can see clear over the field. This
night, I am unable to see the field. Soon, I will
retrace my steps, and enjoy a cup of tea at my kitchen

Bye for now,