07 May 2006

Another Rainy Night

Hi Everyone!

Sorry for not posting anything during the past week.
I've been busy working on a collection of short stories,
and, also, trying to find a suitable template for my soon
to be launched, Natural Healing Talk website. I want
a template that has a nature theme, is easy to navigate,
and can easily handle eCommerce. I want to write and
sell nature and healing based eBooks. Also, I plan to
offer a lot of free material, including downloadable
PDF files.

I was going to take my nightly walk, but the rain is so
heavy. Instead, think I'll make myself a tea, and sit
listening to the drops against the roof of my porch.
Such a nice sound. When I do this, I call it romancing
the rain. You should try it! I find this is a very relaxing
and meditative way to enjoy nature and tea.

All the best!