28 February 2010

Spring Dreams of Kayaking

As spring approaches, I am dreaming of new
kayaking adventures in Mahone Bay Harbour,
and in and around the islands on Minamkeak

Last spring began in a promising way, as I put
my kayak in the water early, and had planned
to kayak often prior to blackfly season. But then,
circumstances changed, and I was unable to
kayak for a variety of reasons. I simply failed
to get my act together.

In any event, as spring approaches, I am once
again excited and enthusiastic, and hope for
many enjoyable outings on the water. When I
kayak or canoe about the islands in Minamkeak
Lake, I am always enchanted by the interesting
rock formations, and by the diversity of plants
on the islands and along the shoreline.

Let's celebrate the approach of spring!

All the best,