12 November 2010

Celebrating the Writer and Reader With the Kindle Wireless Reading Device

Hi Everyone,

Yes, ebook reading devices such as the Kindle Wireless
Reading Device, and online self publishers such as Amazon's
CreateSpace, have, to some extent, liberated the writer
from the whims of traditional publishers, their editors,
and their publishing decisions.

Online publishing has opened the world to the consumer of
literature, as well. I think it's great for everyone concerned,
both readers and writers.

As a writer, I have more choices now. I still will be involved
with traditional offline publishers, but I will also explore
online self-publishing. They both represent great potential
for my writing career.

If you are interested in having more information on the Kindle
Reader, and on free Kindle reading applications, check out my
links, below.

Thanks, and happy reading and writing!

All the best,