19 March 2010

Do Orbs Like Molasses Cookies Or Were They Just Visiting? :)

Hi Everyone,

This year, over the Christmas Holidays, I
decided to prepare and bake old-fashioned
molasses cookies. Now, the recipe has been
in my family for at least 100 years, and,
believe me, the cookies are very tasty!

However, the main reason for making this
post, is to show you a digital photo taken
by a friend during that wild molasses cookie
mixing and baking scene.

There are a number of orbs in the photo, as
you will see from close examination. Hence,
the title of this post. :) So, do orbs
like molasses cookies, or were they just


Laura said...

I LOVE molasses cookies :) I always wondered what those orbs of light were in pictures too, I was always told they were ghosts! ;)

I stumbled on your blog while doing some last-minute research for my Mi'kmaq paper and I thought it would be rude to enjoy your posts and not leave a comment!

I'm also reading your book, "Micmac Medicines" right now, I love all the stories in it, reminds me of home (I'm originally from Nova Scotia, going to school in Newfoundland now)
So thanks for the blog, I appreciate it!

best wishes :)

Laurie said...

Hi Laura,

Thanks for the comments! I'm glad that you like molasses cookies, too! :)

Thanks for the feedback on my Micmac Medicines book. It's much appreciated! I also went to school in Newfoundland. I studied Folklore at Memorial University of Newfoundland. I had a great time there and loved Saint John's!

Best wishes to you!