03 January 2007

A Splendid Night!

Well, the temperature is hovering around zero
Celsuis, which is excellent for walking. So, I
decided to walk along the old mines road yet
again, on this beautiful moonlit night.

I left my home at about 11:30 and walked along
my usual route. A cool breeze was blowing in
from the northwest, and I noticed the swiftness
of the clouds as they crossed over the face of
the moon.

But what struck me, especially, were the shadows
cast by the clouds and the peek-a-boo effect of
the moon. I didn't have to watch the sky to notice
what was happening. Each time the moon appeared
from behind the clouds, I could look far ahead of me,
along the road, and see the light waves speeding
my way.

When they reached me, I found myself walking
in the brilliance of the January moon. It was like
daylight! Then, I could see cloud shadows coming
at me, and suddenly the night would grow darker,
although still quite pleasant for walking.

I must say, little did I think a few months back,
that I would have such a pleasant walking experience
by the light of the January moon. How nice! And,
according to the forecast, I should have good
walking all week long, although temperatures are
supposed to rise, which could make the gravel road
quite greasy.

After I returned home, I sat in candlelight enjoying
a late night tea.

All the best!