17 January 2007

A Writing Note


I often try to figure out ways to make writing a bit
easier, or try to discover ways to get the creative
juices flowing or to receive inspiration.

Well, last night, after I finally made it to bed -- this
was about 3 A.M. -- I accidentally discovered an
interesting technique.

I was lying in bed, thinking about a particular story
that I was working on, when the thought occured
that I should run the story in my mind -- just let
it flow on the screen of my mind.

Well, I started visualizing the story, and relaxed,
just letting the images flow. Soon, it reached as far
as I had written the story. Now, get this: the images
continued to flow! Yes, it was like the story had
gained momentum, and continued beyond the point
I had reached with the written word.

I suddenly found that I was presented with a good
continuation of the story, and a possible ending.
This is an interesting technique, but I think it has to
be done in a relaxed manner. Just let the story flow
on the screen of your consciousness.

All the best!