24 December 2006

Merry Christmas!


Well, we're having a mild Christmas Eve here
on the south shore of Nova Scotia. I think it's
quite wonderful, although some of my friends
would like a white Christmas rather than the
green one that's in store for us.

I went for a short walk along the old mining
road. It's rather greasy with lots of water filled
pot holes. After stepping in a dozen or so of
those holes, I decided to make my way back
to the house.

As I was returning home, I saw Santa and the
raindeer pass high overhead. The old fella must
have been drinking, because I heard a bottle fall
amongst the bushes not far from where I was
walking. I soon discovered an empty rye bottle
caught up in the limbs of a small fir tree.

I suppose we should forgive Santa for having the
odd drink on Christmas Eve. After all, he's got
millions of homes to visit all over the world. He
must get scratched and bruised and black all
over from the soot of so many chimneys!

As I waved to the tiny image receding in the far
distant sky, I thought I heard "Ho Ho Ho! Gimme
me another bottle, Rudolph," on the breeze
blowing in from the southwest.

All the best!