29 January 2007

My Late Night Walks


This has been a remarkably open winter here
on the south shore of Nova Scotia. There's
hardly been any snow, although the past two
weeks have been quite cold.

Unfortunately, this hasn't been a good period
for my nightly walks on the old mines road.
Aside from the cold weather, which has
sent me scurrying back to the warmth of my
house on a couple of occasions:), I have also
had to concern myself with the hugh clouds
of dust formed by vehicles as they travel the

You see, cold weather, coupled with lack of
snow, has created a fine, dusty surface, on
the dirt roads.

The walking is great, but it isn't so nice to
meet vehicles! Last night, for instance, I had
a lovely walk in the frosty air, but had to
quickly run for the bushes when I heard an
approaching vehicle.

That's not the best way to enjoy a peaceful,
moonlight walk! :)

So, anyhow, I'm back! I haven't posted to the
blog for about a week, but, rest assured, you'll
be hearing from me again this week.

All the best, and enjoy the moon as it moves
to fullness on February 2nd.

p.s. I just thought I'd let you know that
there's only 69 days until Easter! Happy