21 January 2007

It's A Cold Day, But Here's An Interesting Link

Hi Everyone,

Yes, it's a cold day here in Nova Scotia. But, what the
heck, it's already January 21st and before long Spring
will be just around the corner!

I was going to take a walk this afternoon, but the wind
is quite strong and, I suspect, makes the wind chill
factor at least ten degrees colder than the actual

Is anyone interested in a mystery? Here's a link to a blog
entitled, Rock Piles - Stone Walls. It shows pictures of
old stone walls and ruins at a location in Lunenburg County,
Nova Scotia. The actual location is largely a secret at
the moment, and is known only to a few people.

If you think you have the answer to this mystery, please
post a comment here or on the Rock Piles - Stone Walls

All the best!