07 January 2007

A Late Night Outing

There was heavy wind and rain earlier today
and tonight. Walking was the last thing on
my mind. However, the sky started to clear
and the moon broke through the clouds at
about 11 o'clock this evening. By the time
I went walking at 1 o'clock, the sky was
clear and the moon was high overhead.

It was a night of sound. The wind was still
strong enough to create waves that splashed
against the shore in a constant rhythmic
sound. And, later, I came upon areas where
I could hear streams of water trickling down
through the forest, caused by the heavy rain
earlier in the day.

Later, the wind through dry beech leaves,
startled me, and I could hear an animal of
some kind going about its night time activity
on a field. I stopped to listen, then continued
to walk, neither of us paying much attention
to each other.

On the way home, the moonlight reflected
brightly from off the old mines road, so that
I could easily maneuver around its many
water-filled pop holes.

The walk was quite nice. Now, here I am at
2:15 in the morning, making myself a cup of

All the best,