09 June 2006

Have you had this writing problem?

Hello Everyone,

I've a very challenging and interesting problem concerning
a particular story that I plan to include in a short story
collection. You see, I wrote this wild and wacky story about
three ago, and now find myself missing the first 12 hand-
written pages! I don't know what happened to them? I've already
done one last search, and now find myself in the curious position
of having to redo the opening stage of the story!

I feel a bit upset that I can't find what I had written, simply because
having those pages would make life a lot easier. And, of course,
I'm curious as hell over what I wrote! I imagine it was as wacky and
wonderful as the remainder of the story.

The story is loosely based on a trip I made with friends, up the
Great Northern Peninsula of Newfoundland, then over to the coast
of Labrador and along a narrow dirt road to Red Bay. It was a
fantastic trip! The people of Newfoundland and Labrador are real
folks without the pretensions we often find elsewhere. They will
put you up for the night, and give you the shirt off their back, if
they have too! The reality is different than the impression you
often get from seal hunt protesters, many of whom would have you
believe the people are cruel and barbaric.

Anyhow, back to the problem. I will certainly keep you updated
on how things turn out. It is just sooo weird to look at a story
from several years ago, and to try creating a totally new
beginning to it -- one that flows in the same style and manner
as the remainder.

All the best!