20 June 2006

Foggy Night!

Hi Everybody,

I just came back from a late night walk. My gosh,
it's quite foggy here on the south shore of Nova
Scotia. In fact, it was so foggy that, on a couple
of occasions, I turned on my flashlight to make
some sense out of where I was walking!

There were few sounds to speak of, except for
some frogs peeping in a swamp. Once, I heard limbs
cracking off in the bushes. The cracking sounds were
not heavy, and may have been caused by a porcupine,
or something of that size.

I'll be back in a few days with a longer post. This
is just a note to maintain contact -- sorry for not
posting during the past week. I expect to have a
new website online in a week or so; I'll post the
URL on this blog.

My best regards,