12 June 2006



As I mentioned in the post of June 2nd, my walk on
the mines road inspired new insight into a short story
I had written several years ago. In the post that
followed, I mentioned how I had lost the first 12
hand-written pages to the story. I'm happy to report
that the re-write is coming along fine. No, I wasn't
able to find the missing pages:(

In any event, I don't want to leave the impression
that the "new insight" I mentioned, had anything to
do with the missing pages or the re-write. Rather, I
was troubled with certain elements of the closing
paragraphs to the story. I must have spent an hour
debating possible changes. Then, I decided to take
a break, and have my walk.

Anyhow, I had stopped to gaze in over a field -- I
often stop at this field, because it is so darn nice,
and has a special beauty in the moonlight -- when
the thought suddenly came that the ending would be
perfect if I deleted the second to last paragraph!
It was unnecessary, and simply prolonged the
closing scene.

I rushed home and made the change to the story.

Well, so long for now. I'm looking forward to a
beautiful late night walk -- the sky is relatively
clear, and the moon will be in its glory!

All the best,