03 April 2006


One of the best things for a beginner writer to do, in
terms of introducing themselves to the writer's life, is
to practice journalling on a regular basis. The regularity
of the process will allow the beginner to develop the
discipline necessary to complete a manuscript or report.

A simple process to follow in the beginning, especially
if you are having problems with getting started on a
project, is to dedicate yourself to writing a paragraph
each day. This may seem like a long, drawn-out process,
but it will be worth while in the end.

For anyone interested in writing about the natural world,
a good idea is to go to a park or some seluded area, and
find a single object to write about. For instance, an
interesting looking tree, a special feature of the landscape,
a particular bird or plant, or some other thing that interests
you. Describe it in as much detail as possible, or write a
paragraph of general remarks about the object or feature.

Go there, daily, and write your paragraph. Soon, you will
find that you've accumulated a lot of material about different
objects and features of that landscape. You will be able to
tie the paragraphs together into an article about that place.
Name the article, and send it off to a magazine or newspaper.
Or, simply, keep it private, and as a valuable part of your
journalling and learning experience.

All the best!