18 April 2006

Pileated Woodpecker

I forgot to write about my sighting of a pileated woodpecker,
while sitting and relaxing in a mixed forest, near the end of
my field in Lunenburg County, Nova Scotia. I had gone walking
and came upon a large poplar tree that had fallen in a high
wind. As it was a mild, sunny day, I decided to rest using the
fallen poplar as a seat.

As I was sitting there, enjoying the warm sun, I heard the
knocking sound of a woodpecker about fifty yards to my
right. I peered through the forest, and saw the pileated
woodpecker on a pine, about twenty yards from the base
of the trunk. Its head was moving from side to side, as it
examined the bark of the pine. Periodically, it would stop
moving, and tap the bark in rapid succesion.

The bird slowly moved up the trunk, stopping to examine
and tap against the tree, before moving along. This continued
for about fifteen minutes until, I think it sensed my presence,
and flew away to the west. I love to see them fly, because
they often make their rising call, as they move to a new

I could elaborate on this incident, for the purpose of a nature
article. If I added some research material on the pileated
woodpecker, I would have a short article that would be suitable
for publication in a magazine or newspaper. This is an effective
method for writing nature based articles.

All the best!