23 April 2006

Writing Tip

There are days when one is hard pressed to find things to say about a
particular subject, or when we simply don't feel in the mood to write an
entire article. Well, it's still possible to accomplish a great deal on
such occasions, and here's how.

Make a list of ten subjects which you feel you'd like to write about over
the next several weeks or months. Then, sit down by the keyboard, or
with your pen and paper, and write a paragraph on each in turn. The
paragraph doesn't have to be the opening to the article, but can describe
an important point in the article -- something you feel your readers
should understand about the subject.

Begin by writing a paragraph on each of three subject areas. Then, take
a break. Have a cup of tea... take a short walk... or do something else.
Afterwards, come back to the keyboard, and continue with the next couple
of items. You will be surprised how much you can acomplish over the
course of a morning, for example. Soon, you will have started ten to a
dozen articles! A pretty good accomplishment, I would say.

All the best!


Sue said...

Hello Laurie,

This is great writing advice. Before we moved to the States, I was pursuing a freelance career in Canada and I often used this method when I was at a place where I felt stuck for what to write about. By giving myself the freedom to create anything I wanted, I was able to go back to an assignment with fresh eyes.

Laurie said...

Thanks for your comments, Sue. I've
also found this method quite valuable over the years. It's surprising how much unique and new material we can end up with, by simply following this method.