11 April 2006

The Porcupine's Night Out!

I opened my door last night, to go outside, and almost
stepped on a porcupine! It was there, looking up at me,
about three feet from the doorstep.

So, I gently closed the door, and sat down on the step.
It moved back slightly, about three feet, turned around
and briefly made a show of the quills on its back and rear.
However, it soon relaxed, and appeared to be nibbling
on spring's fresh grass shoots.

Well, this went on for some time, until it started woddling
away toward the rear of the house. I followed at a distance,
and watched as it went past the house, through a small
stand of assorted bushes and into the forest. That was at
11:30 p.m.

I went back outside at 1 a.m., to take a walk in the moon
light, and saw a porcupine under an old apple tree, nearby.
It was similar in size to the one I had observed earlier that
evening. I suspect it was the same porcupine, that had
come back to the field to sample more of the freshly growing

All the best!


Sue Flemming said...

Hello Laurie,
Just a quick note to say how much I enjoyed reading through the posts in your blog and also browsing through your website. I read your sample newsletter and smiled when I read your Barter section... "I'm bartering a medicinal plant field walk in exchange for a pie:)" If I was near enough to Nova Scotia, I'd be breaking out my rolling pin and pie pans. I'm currently at work on a novel, set in ancient times, in which one of the main characters is a healer. And the kind of experience you are offering is the kind that helps a writer make characters come alive on the page.

Aloha from Florida, Sue

Laurie said...

Hi Sue,
Thanks for your interesting remarks. I hope you return to read the blog, often. I just visited your web site, and like it a lot! I'll be returning, to go through the entire site.

Yes, you'd certainly be more than welcome
to join the field walk, as long as you paid the fee:))

I hope your novel is coming along fine. I'm currently involved with several projects, including a collection of short stories.

All the best!