23 March 2006

A Weasel in the Water

I'm rather late making this post. It's now 2:46 A.M., on March 23rd. I
had expected to be in bed early tonight, so I could rise by 8 A.M.,
tomorrow morning and begin work on a short story. Well, that's
likely gone by the way side. :) I'll be lucky to start by 10 o'clock!

In any event, I must tell you that I had a unique experience, yesterday.
I was sitting by the lake shore near my home, when I noticed something
moving amongst the rocks, about fifty yards away. When it jumped from
a rock into the water, I recognized the weasel form, immediately. I
sat still as it swam towards me. When it was within fifteen feet, it came
out of the water, and moved gracefully to a rather large flat-topped
rock. It stayed there sunning itself and watching me; occasionally, its
head moved back and forth, as if trying to examine me in detail.

It moved gingerly to within eight feet of my position, then, quickly
retreated, before making its way inland and away from the lake. This
was the first weasel I've seen since last summer. Perhaps we'll meet
again by the lake shore, as I intend to be there often this spring.

Good medicine, everyone!