14 March 2006

Here's an ethnobotanical note from the first issue of my newsletter, Natural
Healing Talk:

The common juniper, Juniperus communis, and its cousin, Juniperus horizontalis, are
widely known in the plant medicine practices of North American Native
peoples. In Mi'kmaq medicine, the common juniper has a variety of uses. For
instance, the gum was used to heal cuts and sores, while the inner bark and
juice were used to treat stomach ulcers. Terry Willard, in his book, Edible and
Medicinal Plants of the Rocky
Mountains and Neighbouring Territories, writes that
"The Cree called juniperKa-Ka-Kau-mini and made a poultice for wounds out of
the inner bark" (p.33). Oh yes,I do mean the juniper plants, rather than the hackmatack or
tamarack tree, which is often referred to as juniper.

Good medicine always!