03 March 2006

Country Road

I just got home from taking a night time walk along the old
country road, near my place. It was fairly dark at first, but
my eyes quickly adjusted, and before long I could see well
enough to easily make my way along the road. I'm always
amazed at how quickly the eyes adjust to darkness. I was
helped somewhat by the snow which reflected whatever
light was available.

After making this post, I'll have a tea, and begin working on
the first issue of my newsletter, Natural Healing Talk. It's
exciting to be doing the small email publication. I'm going to
keep it very basic, with a text format, rather than html. Most
issues will include an ethnobotanical note, as this is a keen
interest of mine. My speciality is the plant and tree medicines
of the First Nations' peoples of North American, especially
Atlantic Canada.

Well, must go. Catch you next time!